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Become an authority in healthcare course and training provision.

Earn your CPD healthcare training accreditation to enhance your reach and demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional education to all healthcare professionals. CPD accreditation will provide you with:

Increased Authority

Industry-required Certification

Increased Exposure and Larger Customer Base

Everything you need to know about CPD in healthcare

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Become a certified healthcare training and course provider and award CPD points to your learners.

Give healthcare professionals what they need: CPD-accredited healthcare training

We understand that providing training in the healthcare industry, one of ever-evolving practices and regulations, is a monumental responsibity. As trainers, you are tasked with keeping healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, carers, and many others at the forefront of their field, ensuring they meet modern-day practices and professional bodies' know-how requirements.

In a landscape dotted with training providers, CPD accreditation could be the missing ingredient that would take your training offering from wonderful to irresistable.

Your demonstrated dedication to training excellence alongside your ability to award CPD points (or CE points, or CPE points) will serve as a testament to the quality of your training programmes and help you become the obvious choice for your target healthcare professionals.

How can you become CPD-accredited?

3 simple steps

Book a CPD Advisor Appointment

Our CPD Advisors have a wealth of knowledge about CPD in the healthcare industry! They will be delighted to help you understand if CPD accreditation is the right choice for you, and if yes - what you need to do to obtain it.

Register with the CPD Standards Office

If you have decided to go ahead with your CPD accreditation, your first step will be to register with the CPD Standards Office and become a member of a global community of professionals dedicated to educational excellence.

Complete your


Complete your assessment submission with the help of our assessors and you will soon receive your accreditation, along with many other benefits, available to those accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

When you get accredited, you will...

  • Sell your training to a much wider audience
  • Add INSTANT, professional credibility
  • Be seen as the BEST in your market
  • Beat your competitors
  • Gain a HUGE market share
  • Attract a higher standard of signups
  • Give your attendees MORE confidence
  • Develop profitable opportunities
  • Validate your professionalism
  • Enhance your presence and reputation

Is CPD mandatory in the Healthcare Industry

Yes, it is. Most healthcare professionals require a certain amount of CPD points to maintain their license and their right to practice.

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