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Continuing Professional Development(CPD) is vital for professionals operating in the Neurodiversity domain. As society becomes more aware and understanding of neuro divergent individuals, it's crucial for professionals to stay updated on the latest research, best practices, and inclusive strategies. Neurodiversity is moving up the organizational agenda, with the business case for diversity highlighting the importance of 'diversity of thought'. Neurodivergent individuals bring unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that can foster innovation and creativity within organizations.

However, a lack of awareness and understanding has often led to hiring processes and workspaces designed primarily for neurotypicals. This unintentional exclusion can result in organizations missing out on valuable talent.

CPD ensures that professionals in the Neurodiversity space are equipped to guide organizations towards more inclusive practices, benefiting both neurodivergent individuals and the organizations themselves. By understanding and accommodating the unique challenges and strengths of neurodivergent individuals, organizations can harness their potential, fostering a more diverse and innovative work force.


CPD in the Neurodiversity space is essential for professionals guiding organizations towards inclusivity. Embracing neurodiversity not only ensures compliance and societal acceptance but also unlocks untapped potential, fostering innovation and creativity.

The CPD Requirements

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As a pan-industry organisation, The Institute of CPD is open to professionals across all fields, and a home to those dedicated to demonstrating professional excellence. Depending on their membership level, a member of the Institute will commit to 10 or 30 hours of CPD per year.

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