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All about CPD requirements in the Sales Industry

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential in the sales industry to enhance skills, stay updated with industry trends, and maintain professional competence. While specific CPD requirements may vary depending on the country, organization, or professional body, I can provide you with a general overview of CPD requirements in the sales industry.

The specific CPD requirements for sales professionals can vary depending on the industry, country, and professional organizations. Some sales-related professional bodies or associations may require their members to fulfill certain CPD obligations.

CPD ensures that sales professionals remain competent and relevant in their field. It helps them acquire new knowledge, refine their skills, and adapt to changing market dynamics. By engaging in CPD activities, salespeople can improve their performance, increase their productivity, and enhance their career prospects.


CPD requirements in the sales industry is that continuing professional development is crucial for sales professionals to stay competent, enhance their skills, and adapt to changing market conditions.

The CPD Requirements

From The Professional Bodies, Associations, and Institutes for Practitioners in the Sales Industry

Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP)

The ISP CPD programme is for organisations that want to build a culture of self development in their sales teams, and for individuals who want to take ownership of their learning. The ISP sets an industry standard of 24 hours of CPD per year. Individuals and employers

meeting this standard can use it to differentiate themselves to their customers, showing dedication to being true sales professionals.

CPD Institute Logo

The Institute of CPD

As a pan-industry organisation, The Institute of CPD is open to professionals across all fields, and a home to those dedicated to demonstrating professional excellence. Depending on their membership level, a member of the Institute will commit to 10 or 30 hours of CPD per year.

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