Attract more delegates to your events and conferences

If you hold events and conferences, gaining independent CPD accreditation offers you a great opportunity to attract more delegates.

Millions of professionals in the UK are required to achieve a certain number of hours for their formal continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

By letting prospects know they can add the time spent attending your event to their CPD hours, you will increase the number of delegates.

Having accredited a wide range of conferences and events we have seen:

  • It is easier to market
  • Delegates tend to stay longer
  • They invite more people
  • In some cases you can charge more

Can I get my event or course accredited?

The accreditation of events is focused on large or small groups of individuals, learning from and with one another on a face-to-face basis. This could be in a large number of formats, typically:

  • Conferences – usually a large meeting, often lasting a few days, where individual professionals interested in a particular subject come together to discuss ideas, often with speakers on a range of different subjects
  • Lectures – presentations on a subject by an expert, followed by questions
  • Seminars – presentations on a subject, followed by discussion
  • Forums – large discussion groups, often with presentations from several speakers, focused on exploring a particular topic or theme.

Other events that could gain accreditation include:

  • Roadshows
  • Discussion groups
  • Networking events
  • Thought leadership events

However, we don’t consider this to be an exhaustive list and would love to hear what other events you might hold.

Your accreditation will include full assessment of your event portfolio, and once accredited you can demonstrate to your customers that you are adopting new technologies with our (optional) digital certificate service using Blockchain technology.

The Purpose of Event Accreditation

Most organisations and businesses organise seminars, events, conferences, and workshops which aim to improve people’s expertise and skills in a particular field or broaden their knowledge on a particular subject. These events and services primarily help people to align themselves to standards within the professional workspace. This training is also essential in order to meet the standards and requirements of their fields.

As much as these organisations and businesses deliver a vital service that helps people to be up-to-date in the professional workspace, they are, in reality, competing with other businesses and organisations that offer similar services in the same market space. This means that in the marketplace, customers at times have a reasonable number of options from which they can choose. It, therefore, becomes very necessary for businesses to offer the best services available. This will ensure that your services stand out among the competition. By offering distinctive services, you have already made a mark in the market.

However, not all enhancements you can add to your services might appeal in the eyes of your prospective customers. This means that when people are upgrading training events provided by their business, they have to be careful to improve their services via routes that are culturally accepted and professionally recognised by stakeholders in the marketplace. In view of this, CPD is a major option to be considered when upgrading your services.

In order to outwit the competition that is constantly growing in the market, CPD event accreditation is a good means to improve your services in the eyes of prospective customers. In reality, many trainees go for CPD events more than ordinary training courses. CPD event accreditation is a good way of attracting more delegates to your events.

What is CPD Event Accreditation?

CPD event accreditation is an internationally recognised method of evaluating and assessing your training events which involve getting them reviewed by a professional CPD accreditation body e.g. CPD Standards to ensure they are in line with the Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

Event accreditation is a means of professional review and assessment which is necessary to ensure that your events have actual learning value. They must meet the international CPD standards, therefore it is necessary to apply for CPD event accreditation from independently recognised CPD accreditation bodies e.g. CPD Standards.

After successful accreditation, the CPD accredited courses become CPD events and you will become an accredited CPD event provider.

5 activities that can be accredited as CPD Events.

People who offer professional training services can apply for event accreditation from us at CPD Standards. Through this method, these activities will be reviewed and graded in accordance with global CPD requirements. It will also be graded to ensure that these activities have real learning value. After our review, we may also suggest ways of enhancing these learning activities. After these vital steps, these learning activities become CPD accredited events. The CPD symbol can also be used on these services as an indicator that they are CPD events. You can also add the CPD certification to your event profile.

Remember, the key purpose of embarking on this programme is to ensure your services are professionally certified and that they meet international standards. This professional distinction is very vital in getting a good share of customers in a competitive marketplace. Such learning activities include:

  • Training Courses: Topics are drawn from a particular field of expertise that has significant relevance in today’s business world. These training courses are offered as services to the general public with the aim of promoting professionalism in the field concerned. People who enrol for these training courses expect to develop particular skills at the end of the programme. Therefore, it is necessary to offer the best services available. To be sure that your training courses are in line with global professional standards, it is necessary to apply for CPD event accreditation from CPD Standards.
  • Lectures: are presentations on a subject or topic delivered by experts who have had reasonable experience in the field concerned. Many individuals who seek professional development opt for lectures over other training events. So considering getting your lectures accredited as CPD events would be a good move. This will help you to get more delegates because of the CPD symbol you can now associate with your training event after successful event accreditation.
  • Seminars: are organised by some training event providers and are a good option for some people too. At seminars, people get to acquire more knowledge about particular expertise through discussions. By accrediting your seminars, you get an edge over your competitors. Prospective trainees value professionalism and will appreciate the fact that your services have been assessed by a CPD accreditation body.
  • Conferences or Forums: are another means of helping delegates or trainees to meet up with professional standards which are necessary at their place of work. These are large discussion groups that involve presentations from several speakers. They help people to gather from different places and share ideas that are important to their prospective fields. With a growing emphasis on professionalism at workplaces, providing CPD training events in the form of conferences is a good way to attract delegates. More importantly, accrediting your conferences or forums as a certified CPD event goes an extra mile to give you an advantage in a competitive marketplace.
  • Workshops: are practical manifestations of theoretical training. At workshops, delegates, and individuals who seek professional development get a chance to experience real-world applications of CPD event training. Learning activities, especially training workshops need to be accredited as CPD events in order to show prospective delegates that they are up to standards and capable of solving their problems.

Other CPD events include:

  • Discussion groups
  • Roadshows
  • Networking events
  • Thought leadership events

How can your training activities get CPD Event Accreditation?

At CPD Standards, you will get the best offers that are real value for your resources. We offer training and accreditation services that you can trust. We have a high sense of professionalism and promote the same in our customers’ workspace. By enrolling in our accredited event planning programme, you are assured that your CPD accredited courses and events will be in line with worldwide professional standards. Our meticulous review and top-class recommendations have helped many businesses and organisations deliver training services and CPD events that are of very high quality.

The steps involved in obtaining certification as a CPD accredited event through our accredited event planning certification programme are as follows:

  • Upon request for CPD event accreditation through our website or by mail, you will be required to fill out a form where you will provide basic details of your business and training events. These details are very important in helping us understand your business, the type of services you offer, and how we can help you improve them.
    • You will be required to pay the fee for our accredited event planning certification programme. This fee covers all costs that you will run during the accreditation process and includes fees that will make you eligible to use the CPD symbol in association with your services.
    • Upon successful payment of your CPD event accreditation fees, you will be required to forward your event portfolio which includes your training courses, training events, and any information about the services you render which we think is necessary for event accreditation.
    • Your event portfolio will be assessed, evaluated, and reviewed. Recommendations on how to improve training events and courses will be offered. We will help you to develop your training events in a customer-friendly way. Since the emphasis is on professional development, we will ensure that your events conform to professional standards.
    • After the above stages, you can showcase your services to your customers. When you have completed event accreditation successfully, you now offer CPD accredited courses and CPD accredited events which are highly revered in the market space because of their level of professionalism. You can also associate the CPD Symbol with your training courses and your accredited events.
    What are the benefits of Event Accreditation?
    • By acquiring event accreditation, businesses can overcome competition in the marketplace.
    • CPD event accreditation helps businesses and organisations which offer training services to attract a large number of delegates.
    • CPD event accreditation assists businesses to market their services better and more professionally to a wider range of customers.
    • Event accreditation also helps businesses to have delegates who stay longer and explore more training options within their event portfolio.

With these benefits in mind, there is a strong case for organisations that offer training events that seek to improve professionalism and employee performance to enrol in CPD event accreditation programmes.

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