Attract more delegates to your events and conferences

If you hold events and conferences, gaining CPD Accreditation offers you a great opportunity to attract more delegates.

Millions of professionals in the UK are required to complete a certain number of hours for their continuing professional development (CPD).

By letting prospects know they can add the time spent attending your event to their CPD hours, you will increase the number of delegates.

Having accredited a wide range of conferences and events we have seen:

  • It is easier to market
  • Delegates tend to stay longer
  • They invite more people
  • In some cases you can charge more

Can I get my event or course accredited?

The accreditation of events is focused on large or small groups of individuals, learning from and with one another on a face-to-face basis. This could be in a large number of formats, typically:

  • Conferences – usually a large meeting, often lasting a few days, where individual professionals interested in a particular subject come together to discuss ideas, often with speakers on a range of different subjects
  • Lectures – presentations on a subject by an expert, followed by questions
  • Seminars – presentations on a subject, followed by discussion
  • Forums – large discussion groups, often with presentations from several speakers, focused on exploring a particular topic or theme.

Other events that could gain accreditation include:

  • Roadshows
  • Discussion groups
  • Networking events
  • Thought leadership events

However, we don’t consider this to be an exhaustive list and would love to hear what other events you might hold.

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