Friday Fresh #4: Six Tips for Navigating Remote Learning Delivery

Warm Welcome to this week’s Friday Fresh

Today, we explore a topic that has been top of mind for practically every training provider or education creator over the last few years, namely, “How do I generate active engagement when delivering remote learning?”

Navigating Through Remote Learning

The realm of remote learning, while offering many opportunities for accessibility and flexibility, also presents its unique set of challenges. From maintaining engagement to ensuring a structured and supportive learning environment, the journey demands strategic navigation and plenty of pre-planning. As training providers, you already know the challenges, so instead of repeating them, we’ll dive directly into solutions.

#1 Structured Learning Paths


Every activity we, humans, undertake has a goal – we never do anything just for the sake of doing it. We eat to satisfy either physical or mental hunger. We dress up to impress others, to portray an image, or simply to feel good.
The same is true for any education activity: we take a class as a means to an end. What we need, however, is to feel comfortable in understanding the steps we’re embarking on to achieve the goal we’re after, which is where structured learning paths come into play.
  • Tip: Develop a clear, week-by-week learning path.
  • Insight: Providing a transparent learning journey roadmap ensures that learners can manage their time effectively and align their efforts with overarching objectives.

#2 Fostering Community


The learning process can be an incredibly lonesome journey, especially for those who don’t have anyone in their immediate surroundings to share the new information with. Giving people a platform to share ideas and thoughts from the learning can massively increase engagement, but most importantly – understanding the knowledge you’re trying to convey.
  • Tip: Utilise forums, discussion boards, and live sessions to cultivate a sense of belonging and collective learning.
  • Insight: Establishing a virtual community enables learners to share insights, seek support, and enhance their learning through collaborative efforts.

#3 Consistent Check-Ins

The learning path is often met with obstacles, doubts, and the need for reassurance. Consistent check-ins become the gentle nudges that keep learners on track, assuring them that their journey is seen, valued, and supported.
  • Tip: Implement regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and progress reviews.
  • Insight: Continuous engagement and feedback ensure alignment with learning objectives and provide timely support where needed.

#4 Accessible and Diverse Materials

Every learner embarks on their educational journey with their own set of tools, preferences, and styles of absorbing information. By providing a diverse array of materials, we are not only acknowledging these varied approaches but also ensuring that the path to knowledge is accessible, inclusive, and considerate of these differences.
  • Tip: Ensure that resources are varied and cater to different learning styles, such as videos, readings, and quizzes.
  • Insight: Offering a range of materials accommodates varied learning preferences and ensures comprehensive access to all pertinent information.

#5 Encouraging Self-Directed Learning

What is CPD research project by The CPD Standards Office

The empowerment derived from self-directed exploration is unparalleled. It allows learners to dive into the depths of their curiosity, explore the realms of their interest, and emerge with insights that are personally resonant and deeply ingrained.
  • Tip: Integrate self-directed projects and exploratory tasks into the curriculum.
  • Insight: Allowing learners to explore topics autonomously fosters a deeper engagement and application of the material.

#6 Acknowledge Milestones

Every step forward in the learning journey is a triumph over the challenges encountered along the way. Acknowledging these milestones becomes a celebration of persistence, an affirmation of achievement, and a motivational beacon that illuminates the path ahead with possibilities and potential.
  • Tip: Celebrate achievements and provide certificates or badges upon course completion.
  • Insight: Recognising and celebrating progress boosts motivation and instils a sense of accomplishment and value in the learning journey.

Final Thoughts

With strategic approaches and thoughtful solutions, remote learning can transform into a rich, engaging, and deeply rewarding experience. It is through navigating these challenges that we uncover opportunities for growth, development, and continuous improvement in our educational endeavours.

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