Friday Fresh #15: 2024 Action Plan for Training Providers

Hello and welcome to the final edition of “Friday Fresh” for 2023. We’ll see you again in the new year!

Are you excited, terrified, or indifferent when walking into a new year? With today’s email we hope that we’ll help you to organise your thoughts and plans, so you can make the most of next year and turn 2024 into the success that you deserve.

You can see deeper in calm waters

The last several years have undoubtedly been turbulent for all of us. Successful for some and worrying for others, these years have tested our resilience and ability to adapt. We don’t know what the future holds, yet it’s time we calm down and regroup to make the most of the foreseen economic growth of the next few years.

Let’s plan for success

The next few sections contain a plan for the months of 2024, with each month focusing on a specific subject. This means that instead of trying to juggle it all, you can use 2024 to focus on one topic at a time and use roughly 20 working days to excel in different areas.

2024 Month-by-Month Growth Plan

  1. January: Social Media Planning
    Start the year by crafting a comprehensive social media strategy, and planning content that engages and attracts your audience. You can map out the topics you want to emphasise on over the next 12 months and map out your content calendar.
  2. February: Email Communication Review
    Revise and refine all email communications for clarity, engagement, and effectiveness. Make sure your emails are well formatted and are consistent with your brand in terms of tone and visual presentation.
  3. March: Website Revamp
    Focus on updating your website’s copy and images, ensuring they accurately represent your brand and offerings. For most businesses it is easy to create a “Frankenstein” website by adding and removing elements throughout the years. Use the month of March to go over every page of your website and polish imperfections.
  4. April: Document Design Improvement
    Spend time redesigning document templates to enhance professionalism and brand consistency. Review your invoices, offers, learning handouts and any other documents that your customers see.
  5. May: Sales Channel Optimisation
    Review all sales channels, ensuring a seamless and efficient learner experience. Go through each sale channel as if you are a learner buying from yourself and see if any part of the journey may need some TLC.
  6. June: Course Content Review
    Update and enhance your course materials to ensure they are relevant and engaging. Ensure that your courses will match the expectations of learners in 2024, polish descriptions and review pricing.
  7. July: Feedback Analysis
    Collect and analyse feedback from learners and staff to identify improvement areas. Focus on surveying existing and potential customers and partners to plan the training materials you’ll focus on after the summer holidays.
  8. August: Rest & Recharge
    Use the month of August to rest and recharge. Tie any lose ends that may have been left behind from the previous months and prepare your mind and body for a successful second part of the year.
  9. September: Networking and Collaboration
    Build connections with industry peers, experts, and potential partners to expand your network. Use the month of September to visit events, consider collaborations and partnerships and open some doors.
  10. October: Financial Health Check
    Evaluate your pricing, costs, and revenue streams for better financial management. With only 90 days left until the end of the year, review your sales targets and ensure you’ve planned any promotions or campaigns.
  11. November: Team Professional Development
    Encourage your staff to engage in CPD, bringing new skills and insights to your business. Remember that constantly producing is exhausting for you AND for your team and encourage your people to find inspiration into learning something new.
  12. December: Year-End Review and Planning
    Reflect on the year’s achievements and plan for the upcoming year. Aim to finalise the projects that you can finish and plan the start of the new year, so you know exactly what and how to tackle upon returning to the office.
Final Thoughts

Focusing on one task at a time will give you the opportunity to truly dive deep into the subject and achieve the best possible results. Surely, it is never as simple as this in business, and various projects will constantly try to find their place on your calendar.

Reward yourself with discipline for 2024 and remember that success comes not to those who want it, but to those who are ready.

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