Friday Fresh #32: How to Successfully Offer Industry-shifting Training

Hello and Happy Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fresh, where this week we’re diving into the exciting world of industry-shifting training programs.

With new technologies popping up and markets constantly evolving, there’s a huge demand for courses that don’t boost skills and open new career avenues for learners.

Let’s explore how you can tailor your offerings to these dynamic needs.

Stop Emerging Opportunities

Start by zeroing in on fast-growing industries like renewable energy, AI technology, or healthcare innovations. Tailoring your courses to these fields can give your learners a head start in a sector that’s set to grow.

Tip: Keep your finger on the pulse of market trends by teaming up with industry experts and utilising labour market data to shape your training programs.

Create Rich Learning Experiences

To truly shift industries, your courses need to go deep, covering everything from the basics to advanced skills that make your learners stand out.

For example, don’t just stop at basic programming. Include topics like machine learning, AI ethics, and project management to equip students for real-world tech roles.

Build Strong Relationships

Enhance the value of your training by partnering with leading companies and thought leaders. This can bring real-world insights and direct benefits like guest lectures, case studies, and more.

Benefits: Such collaborations might also open doors to internships, job placements, and valuable networking opportunities for your students.

Flexibility is key

Remember, career changers might not have the time for full-time courses. Offering flexible learning options, such as online modules, part-time schedules, or intensive boot camps, can make your training more accessible.

Highlight: Be sure your marketing communicates this flexibility, showing how learners can fit training into their busy lives.

Share Success Stories

There’s nothing more powerful than a good success story. Showcase alumni who’ve pivoted to new industries after your courses to inspire potential students and show the impact of your training.

Action: Keep your success stories fresh and share them widely, especially on social media, to boost your program’s visibility and appeal.

Final Thoughts

By offering training that can pivot entire careers, you’re doing more than just educating—you’re empowering. Equip your learners to join new industries and to lead them.



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