Friday Fresh #33: The Benefits of Knowledge Snacking

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Fresh!

Today, we’re zeroing in on an exciting trend in professional development: bite-sized learning. This innovative approach is transforming how we think about and engage with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Let’s explore why bite-sized or micro-learning is becoming a game-changer for training providers and learners alike.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Bite-sized learning modules are the epitome of convenience. Designed to fit into the busiest of schedules, these short, focused learning units can be accessed anytime and anywhere, directly from a mobile device. This on-demand accessibility allows professionals to integrate learning seamlessly into their daily workflow, applying new knowledge instantly where it matters most. The practicality of learning in real-time, as highlighted by recent studies like “Snail 2019,” means that skills are not only learned but are immediately actionable.

Overcoming Resistance to Learning

Let’s face it: committing to long training sessions can be daunting. Bite-sized learning alleviates this by offering shorter sessions—typically 5 to 7 minutes long—that are easier to start and complete. This minimises the psychological barrier often associated with professional development and encourages a more consistent learning habit. Shorter sessions mean learners can frequently engage with material without significant disruptions to their day, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Enhance Knowledge Retention

The structure of bite-sized learning addresses one of the biggest challenges in education: retention of information. According to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, we forget a significant amount of new information soon after learning it unless it is repeatedly reinforced. Micro-learning modules are designed to combat this by facilitating quick reviews and repeated exposure to key concepts, which helps cement this knowledge over time.

Emotional and Practical Benefits

Beyond the logistical advantages, bite-sized learning also offers significant emotional benefits. By removing common barriers such as travel time and long hours away from other responsibilities, learners can engage with content when they feel most ready and least stressed. This flexibility ensures that the focus remains on the content, enhancing both the learning experience and its outcomes.

Why It Matters

As we continue to navigate a world where professional roles and industries are evolving rapidly, providing training that is both effective and manageable is crucial. Bite-sized learning is a strategic tool that aligns perfectly with the needs of modern professionals. It empowers them to stay updated and competitive in their fields without feeling overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

Adopting bite-sized learning in your training offerings can significantly enhance how your learners interact with and benefit from CPD. By breaking down information into manageable parts, you make continuous learning a more attractive and feasible goal. Stay innovative, embrace flexibility, and watch how bite-sized learning can transform professional development in your organization.



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