The Curse Of Time: How Understanding Your Limitations Can Make You A High Achiever

Knowing your limitations is as powerful as knowing your strengths. Time is one of the biggest limitations and something a lot of us take for granted. Many people are able to make the most of it, whilst others let it go to waste. Between these 2 types of people, there is a misconception about understanding the curse of time.

So what does the curse of time really mean? It refers to the limited amount of time one person has in a day. It hinders being able to achieve set goals and finish your to-do lists which can be frustrating. However, there is good news, by understanding what your limitations are, you can make the most of them and become a high achiever.

Here are a couple of ways for you to understand how the curse of time limits you and what you can do to maximise these to your advantage:


Being able to prioritise your time is essential to being successful. Understanding that time is limited can help you focus on the most important tasks and delegate the rest to others or move it on to a different day. This helps you to make the most of your time and avoid wasting hours of your day on unimportant tasks.


Planning is a very important part of making the most of your time. You are more likely to stick to a plan once you have it in place. This ensures that you are spending time on the right things and not being distracted by others. Procrastination sucks huge amounts of time out of your day, so having a plan in place can stop you from being less productive. Some great online planners that you could use include; Asana and Click Up.


You need to be self-aware of your habits and tendencies to be able to identify where you are wasting your time and what you need to improve on. Finding out how much time you spend doing certain things can be eye-opening. One thing you could do is fill out a timesheet over a week and review it to see where your time is mostly spent. A great tool you can use online is Clockify. This software lets you track the hours you’ve spent across different projects and then enables you to be able to review the stats as a report. You will become much more efficient and productive once you can see where your time is going.

Goal Setting

Now you have understood the importance of planning and being self-aware of your time, you are more likely to set realistic goals. Recognising the limited amount of time we have in a day encourages you to be realistic about what you can actually achieve in that time. Once you have reached these goals, you will get a real sense of accomplishment, which is a huge encouragement boost to become that high achiever you aspire to be!

To sum up, The curse of time is forever going to be part of our reality, but with some understanding of our limitations, we can become high achievers and excel in our time management. Prioritisation is the first step to enjoying success. So if you get that right, the rest will follow!

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