Why choose CPD Standards Office?

If you choose to become accredited by the CPD Standards Office, you will be taking a significant step towards developing your business.

We provide credibility in a way that other accreditations and qualifications can’t, because ours is evidence-based. We have done all the research, we know the field of CPD inside out, and we are working with our community of providers to improve it on an on-going basis.

The accreditation process will help you benchmark your services, and will help you get one step ahead of your competitors.

As an accredited provider you will become part of our CPD Standards Community. This will let you network with hundreds of other providers, and share best practice with them. So not only will you have access to our extensive expertise in the provision of CPD training, you will also get input from the broader community.

It will also help you gain access to new markets, through our network of several thousand HR and learning and development professionals, letting you grow your business further.

We are continuing our research into how to improve CPD on a national scale. This includes considering what the current weaknesses are, what could be done differently, and most importantly: what organisations actually want.

We share all our expertise on CPD, client needs, and industry requirements with our accredited members, and this expertise is continuing to grow.

“The CPD Standards Office provided expert support during the assessment process, helping us to achieve authoritative CPD accreditation quickly and successfully. As well as enhancing the service we deliver to our customers, we are delighted that our CPD accreditation has also produced new sales opportunities, alongside a mark that displays our commitment to professional development.”

Ben Waldman, Product Manager, Reed Learning

“We took the early decision to undertake accreditation with the CPD Standards Office to provide employers and their staff with a reassuring value of the quality of our language programmes which translates into both commercial and personal value.”

Humair Naqvi, Regional Director EMEA, Rosetta Stone

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