Matt Warne

Matt Warne

Why Choose the CPD Standards Office?


Looking to become accredited? Get in touch with one of our accreditation advisors today on 0203 745 6463 to book a call. The CPD Standards Office forms part of the Professional Development Consortium and is also home to the CPD…

Marketing Ideas for your training Business


Marketing for your training/coaching business can be tricky if you aren’t sure where to start. Here are some simple ideas to get your marketing up and running: Become a Social Networker Create business accounts and actively participate in all of…

Unsolicited Dubious Accreditation


Over the past year, with everyone working from home and online, the dark underbelly of the internet has become more prevalent, with an increase in dubious accreditation services and scams.  These are exploiting unsuspecting, and vulnerable businesses. Don’t be Duped!…

CPD in the Construction Industry


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement for over half a million individual members of construction professional bodies and member institutions. CPD has been long-established within the construction sector, and many professional bodies have had long standing CPD requirements…