Self Care For Trainers, Coaches & Online Educators


Trainers and coaches spend an awful lot of time thinking about others, and sometimes not enough time on themselves.

Self-care is important for everyone and should be a priority for all. With the challenges over the last 18 months, it has highlighted how important self-care actually is. The challenges of COVID19 and adapting businesses to the new way of working have put huge pressure on all business owners, without taking time to look after themselves in the process. Creating this balance can be hard but it’s vital everyone has time out in their diaries to think about themselves for a moment.

Here we have collated our top 5 tips to think about when scheduling some self-care for yourself:

Make Time For Yourself

Make time for yourself every single day. Open your calendar, and schedule some time to fit a bit of self-care into your day. This could be 10 minutes to yourself which can make a HUGE difference.

Get Outside

We are all guilty of spending too much time at the desk and not taking enough breaks to go outside. So on your break, get yourself outside for a walk in the fresh air to clear your mind before getting back to the desk. Another tip is to schedule 15 minutes out of your calendar in the morning and afternoon to give yourself some time to have a cup of coffee outside. (or tea if you prefer!)

Do Something Creative

If you are starting to feel burned out at work, take the time to do something creative. Dig out those art projects you have been putting off doing, or read that book you haven’t got round to starting. Get those creative juices flowing and allow yourself to enjoy some me-time doing something you love. By doing these things, you are boosting your happiness and therefore your serotonin levels which is always a good thing!

Daily Affirmations

Starting the day positively can really boost your mood and make you have a more productive day. Each morning recite your 3 favourite affirmations to yourself with gusto and you will find that you can help break unhealthy thought patterns and create a new positive belief system. You can place them around your home and work area as mini-reminders to motivate, inspire, and centre you throughout the day…

(affirmations are positive statements that affirm how you want to feel or show up in the world.)

Prioritise Your Mental Health

It is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and your health. When your mental health is treated and cared for, you can focus on doing what you love most— delivering training. After a busy day of training, take the time to relax and destress from the day and clear your mind using techniques like meditation, take a bath or simply read a book.

Last week CPDSO ran a webinar in collaboration with Marion Hewitt, a positive psychology practitioner, and award-winning coach. We discussed prioritising self-care and considered ideas and options to build our personal self-care/wellbeing plan that is realistic, beneficial, and enjoyable.

Watch the full webinar here –

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