Friday Fresh #26: Becoming a podcast guest (the sequel)

Hello and welcome back to Friday Fresh!

Following our recent journey into the world of podcasts, it’s time to take our exploration a step further. If last week’s newsletter piqued your interest in podcast guesting, this week’s edition is about mastering the art of the pitch.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch: A Tailored Approach

Here’s how to ensure your pitch stands out, wins you that coveted spot, and respects the time of the host.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Rather than blasting a generic message to dozens of podcasts, focus on a few that truly align with your expertise and audience. This approach increases your chances of being accepted and ensures meaningful engagements.

2. Customise Each Pitch

Podcast hosts say that it is glaringly obvious when a pitch is part of a mass email. Take the time to personalise your message for each podcast. Mention specific episodes you enjoyed and explain why you’re a good fit for their audience. And although it may be tempting to rely on AI to write it for you, don’t forget that a human will be reviewing it.

3. Respect the Host

Always maintain professionalism and courtesy in your communications. Remember, you’re asking for their time and platform – a little respect goes a long way.

4. Do your Homework 

Research the podcast’s content trends and past guests to find your unique angle. Understanding the podcast’s audience and themes can help you tailor your pitch. It’s always best to pitch to podcasts that you listen to.

5. Showcase your Value

Share what you can bring to the table. Whether it’s unique insights, compelling stories, or expert advice, make it clear how you can enrich their content.

6. Provide Examples

Include excerpts from other podcasts you’ve been on, articles you’ve written, or any relevant content that showcases your speaking ability and expertise.

7. A Personal Touch

Consider adding a short, personalised video introducing yourself. This gives the host a taste of your personality and speaking style.

8. Use Tools to Your Advantage

Platforms like are designed to connect podcast guests and hosts, making it easier to find the right fit. Additionally, numerous Facebook groups exist where podcasters seek guests. These resources can significantly streamline the pitching process.

Final Thoughts 

Pitching to be a podcast guest is much like applying for a job. You wouldn’t send the same resume to every company, nor should you send a one-size-fits-all pitch to every podcast. By crafting a thoughtful, bespoke pitch that respects the host and clearly articulates your value, you’re not just seeking an opportunity – you’re offering a meaningful contribution to their platform.

So, take the plunge and tailor your pitch with the confidence that you have something incredible to offer. Remember, the world of podcasts is vast and varied, and there’s a spot waiting for just the story you have to tell.

Stay tuned for more insights, and here’s to your podcasting success!

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