Friday Fresh #5: Unlock Endless Learning Opportunities with a Community Around Your Course

Hello and Welcome to Another Edition of the “Friday Fresh” value-packed newsletter
Today, let’s discuss something close to our hearts and pivotal in our learning journeys – building a community around your CPD-accredited course.
Developing a community around your course can be an ingenious way to ensure that your content is ever-green, to turn your learners into advocates, and to find inspiration for new course titles.
It is also one of the best ways to ensure you become a market leader.
Sounds interesting? Let’s see some of the benefits for you and your learners.

The Heartbeat of a Learning Community in CPD Training

Learners find a haven where:
Continuous Learning isn’t just a concept but a lived reality. When they’re able to see the theory through the many examples of their peers, and to participate in a community that allows them to continuously better their skills and knowledge.
Knowledge development becomes easier when learners are surrounded by people from various backgrounds and sometimes even industries, making it easier for them to determine how to enhance their learning to achieve their individual objectives.
Career Development becomes a collective journey. Witnessing the career trajectories of peers can illuminate varied paths and possibilities, providing fresh perspectives on navigating one’s own career.
Providers, on the other hand, discover a goldmine where:
Additional Lead Streams emerge organically. A vibrant community naturally piques curiosity, drawing new learners into the fold.
Feedback Loop becomes richer. Observing discussions and noting recurrent challenges faced by learners can provide invaluable insights for course enhancement.
Course Development is informed and inspired by real needs and gaps experienced and expressed by community members.

How to Craft Your Own Course Community

Building a community is akin to nurturing a garden, where seeds of knowledge and collaboration are sown, and with care, they blossom into a thriving ecosystem of shared learning and growth. Here’s a gentle guide to begin crafting your own:
  1. Choose a Platform: Select a platform that’s user-friendly and accessible to your audience. Whether it’s a dedicated forum on your website or a private group on a social media platform, ensure it’s a space where members can interact with ease.
  2. Spark Regular Interaction: Light up the community with regular interactions. Perhaps a ‘Riddle of the Week’ related to your course content or a ‘Survey of the Month’ to pulse-check their challenges and interests.
  3. Define Entry Pathways: Consider how one becomes a part of the community. Is it course-first or community-first? Establishing clear pathways ensures a smooth and welcoming entry for every member.
  4. Nurture a Safe and Inclusive Space: Create guidelines that foster respect, inclusivity, and a safe space for open discussions. Celebrate diversity and ensure every voice is heard and valued.
  5. Celebrate and Support: Shine a spotlight on successes, milestones, and even the simple joys of learning within the community. Be present, be supportive, and celebrate every step of the journey together.

Embarking on a Collective Journey of Learning

Building a community around your course isn’t merely about extending learning; it’s about creating a space where learning is enriched by shared experiences, stories, and collective wisdom. It’s where the journey of a course extends into endless pathways of learning, exploring, and growing together.

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