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Posted on June 21, 2016 by

A number of our highly valued members are getting themselves into the press and publicising their CPD Standards accreditation achievement.

Most recently Dale Howarth, a business consultant, achieved accredited speaker status for his presentations and speeches which the CPD Standards Offices third party assessment process deemed to be high quality and appropriate for CPD purposes.

As a result, Howarth has gained recognition by his local community and wider business audience by gaining publicity and acknowledgement for his prestigious CPD accreditation. Read more on Howarth’s local paper: The Island Echo

How to get into the press

At the CPD Standards most recent members event, PR expert and professional, Amanda Ruiz gave her advice on how training and learning providers can get into the press.

Ruiz recommended Golden nuggets are:

  1. What is your big “why”? What drives you?
  2. Why are you so good at what you do?
  3. Why are you better than your competition? What makes you stand out?
  4. Who is your competition? What do they do that you really admire?
  5. What is your mission?
  6. What are your major strengths and opportunities?
  7. Who is your target audience and why?
  8. What do the client testimonials say about you time and time again?
  9. What did you do before you launched your company? The press love a good story…

If you have taken the opportunity to get into the press, please share your stories in the comment section below and we will share them to promote your CPD accredited training.

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