Royalty and CPD

The weekends Royal Wedding in the glittering Spring sunshine was a historical day for Britain; Windsor was on a world stage as an estimated 2 billion people from around the world tuned into watch the young couple’s ceremony and celebrations. A fresh, new approach to wedding nuptials and traditions (going back centuries) showcased how diverse our society has become in 2018, and how much good will, generosity and happiness can be nurtured when people from all corners of the globe come together.

Within the Professional Development Consortium (PDC), we have over 800+ members based in over 40 countries, we also share and celebrate the diversity of many cultures, religions and viewpoints of our educational providers. Having accredited 1000s of training, coaching and CPD activities that range from leadership skills for senior professionals, to charities training and educating about their courses, to coaches working with graduates, we’ve pretty much covered most professional topics and skills.

In the spirit of the recent Royal Wedding, which showcased how diverse our society is becoming and the benefits and positivity that can radiate from that inclusiveness. Here at PDC and the CPD Standards Office community, we have the same culture and approach. As US Pastor Michael Curry said during his speech:

‘Oh, there’s power – power in love. Not just in its romantic forms, but any form, any shape of love.’

What can we learn from this extraordinary event?

The Royal Wedding has reminded us that a diverse society can inspire creativity and drive innovation.

We would like our community to stop, take a breath, and consider how as educators you should celebrate diversity in your classrooms, cohort groups or via online platforms. It’s important as an educator or figure to take the time to do this and explore how diversity can be celebrated in the classroom.

For further reflection, see this inspiring speech about designing life’s blueprint and journey, and why it’s important for us to always keep moving forwards. Click here to listen to Martin Luther King Jr.

Promoting and educating everyone in diversity and equality is increasingly becoming a cornerstone within the professional development arena. It is exciting and refreshing to see this area progress at the Royal Wedding, and indeed at society generally.

The PDC Community has diversity in it’s heart and soul – our member event last week was testament to that with members flying in from various countries and interesting discussions from Rosetta Stone about the importance of bilingualism and embracing learning languages to be inclusive of all cultures in this increasingly ‘small’ global world we live in.

Now…. Take a breath and reflect

So… take a breath and lets embrace the CPD the British Monarchy has indirectly provided us by staging such a happy, diverse and inclusive event.

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