Why Your Training Business Needs To Be CPD Accredited In Numbers

  • 1600 professional bodies in the UK alone.  Each has its own membership with varying membership and CPD requirements.
  • 5,000,000 individuals undergoing CPD or in CPD Schemes in the UK.
  • Each professional undergoing CPD in the UK will average 15 to 20 hours of CPD every year
  • This all means that there are over 12,000,000 days of CPD undertaken in the UK every year.
  • 6 weeks is the time it takes an organisation to become accredited with The CPD Standards Office
  • 9.2 weeks Is the average time it takes to cover the cost of accreditation from The CPD Standards Office
  • 27.6% The average increase in delegate satisfaction from a non-accredited course to an accredited course.
  • 192 seconds The average time it takes a training organisation to understand the value of becoming CPD Accredited.

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