Break The Ice, Don’t Make Ice

Happy Monday everyone!

This week we have received some questions on using ice breakers within face to face training courses and workshops.

This is an area that CPD Standards doesn’t usually advise or comment on, as an icebreaker exercise normally sits within a ‘general introduction’ to a training course. However, we know that to ‘soften’ a room full of strangers (which can be quite challenging) particularly in the UK with the cool British reserve! – having asked some of our members, one thing for certain is that it needs to be simple and lighthearted. There will often be reluctant participants, so you don’t want to make any icebreakers too involved or too personal. “Over 500 icebreakers and games, hundreds of icebreaker questions, team building games and warm up activities.”

A great training tool that we recommend you add to your armory is this book; by Jennifer Carter called Over 600 Ice-Breakers & Games At £2.49 for the Kindle edition. See here for the link – The book provides hundreds of icebreaker questions, activities and team building games to use for them training course exercises!

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