Do Professionals do CPD for Pride or Compliance?

For some people, undertaking CPD is something they take pride in – something they would do even if they didn’t have to. But others do the bare minimum to be compliant with their industry body.

So, which are your clients, and why does it matter, as long as they do it?

Let us first take a look at why this matters and what you can do with the knowledge…

If your client is concerned with compliance, their main consideration is efficiency. Meeting the requirements of their professional body with the minimal investment of time and expense.

If you know this, you can structure your training, coaching or learning to be as efficient as possible for the delegate:

  • Use pre-work to reduce the number of hours they are out of the office
  • Provide them summaries to use in their submission to their professional body
  • Don’t have lengthy discussion sessions that may add value but cannot count towards accreditation

However, if your delegate or client is undertaking CPD through pride in what they do and for their professional development, then your structure may be different:

  • More discussion breaks to engage further with learning material
  • Added value peripheral content that supplements the learning and enjoyment of the delegate but does not increase the CPD value of the training

Almost as important (many would argue more important), if you know which of these two camps your client tends to fall, you can emphasise different aspects when selling and promoting your coaching, training or speaking.

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