CPD Standards Office Warns Of Training Scams – UK Press Coverage – Summer 2020

Since inception in 2012, the CPD Standards Office has relentlessly campaigned for excellence in lifelong learning on both a UK national, and global basis.

Since COVID19’s lockdown, there has been a boom in online learning, and the web has become flooded with new training and coaching providers.

As with every industry, there is always a black market.  Sadly online learning has a dark underbelly, where  many unscrupulous companies are masquerading as quality online learning providers.

Yet scratch under the skin, and you find a plethora of ‘trickster trainers’ and ‘cowboy coaches’ cashing in on the demand for online learning.

These charlatans generally leave many consumers disappointed, out of pocket, and often in monthly subscriptions which are difficult to exit.  In some cases, we have seen unsuspecting individuals face significant financial loss, with no direct regulator to oversee these bad practices.

As the UK authority on quality standards and accreditation for the CPD, training and coaching industries, the CPD Standards Office has been featured in a number of publications warning against these scams and raising awareness on the issues.  As the experts in this area, we have cautioned and warned against these scams to raise national awareness on these issues.

See the following features and links to our press portfolio.  If you would like a contribution, or wish to discuss PR and press coverage, please email our CEO Amanda Rosewarne, amanda.rosewarne@cpdstandards.com

The World News – Great Britain News: April 2020… Selling Fake Courses, We Reveal The Top Five Scams – https://twnews.co.uk/uk-news/rise-in-fraudsters-selling-fake-courses-we-reveal-the-top-five-online-training-scams


The Mail This Is Money April 2020…Rise In Fraudsters Selling Fake Courses… Five Online Training Scams- https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/beatthescammers/article-8213917/Rise-fraudsters-selling-fake-courses-reveal-five-online-training-scams.html


The Guardian June 2020Big Online Learning Provider Faces Calls for Refunds- https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/jun/13/big-online-learning-provider-faces-calls-for-refunds-after-complaints


BBC News June 2020…Creating a Course Changed My Life- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52901761


Uaware.Org.Uk June 2020…Rise In Fraudsters Selling Fake Courses As More Households Take Up Online Learning- http://www.uaware.org.uk/page22.htm


The Times June 2020…Invest in Employee Training Before It’s too Late… Caution in Selecting Online Training- https://www.raconteur.net/digital-transformation/digital-transformation-2020/upskilling-employee-learning


Training Journal June 2020…Amanda Rosewarne on Keeping Your Standards High… Online Learning- https://soundcloud.com/trainingjournal/tjtalks-amanda-rosewarne-on-keeping-your-standards-high-when-everyones-moving-to-online-learning

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