Pitman Training Case Study



Pitman Training is the UK’s leading independent training provider, helping the nation
transform careers and change lives through self-paced vocational training.

Revolutionising office skills since 1837, Pitman Training has a wealth of heritage
which underpins the foundations of its premium products. Specialists in PA, Microsoft Office, Business, Finance and IT skills training, Pitman Training offers a flexible approach to training for employment and has been trusted for generations which has enabled the provision of exceptional centre-based training for thousands of people every year throughout the UK and overseas

Why have you sought CPD Standards Accreditation?

Pitman Training is aimed at students, young professionals, mums returning to work, career switchers and career developers.

Pitman Training’s ethos is delivering training programmes that help to develop individual’s careers – long term. In this respect there is clear synergy with Pitman Training and CPD.
Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group commented:

“We sought out CPD Standards accreditation to add value to prospects and
employers, as CPD is a hot topic, and we feel it should be inbuilt into the
fundamentals of all companies in any sector of industry.”

What was accredited and how?

All of Pitman’s training products are CPD accredited – this includes courses, diplomas, awards and seminars. As a result we currently have a course badge which confirms all of our training programmes are fully accredited, and also a centre badge which authorises our centres.

Lister commented:

“We have received ongoing support and advice throughout our assessment.
It was a pleasure working with the team at The CPD Standards Office whilst
being assessed, and we look forward to continue working with them
throughout our accreditation, and gaining more information on the CPD
landscape and how to successfully operate within it.”

How do you use your accreditation?

Being accredited by The CPD Standards Office gives us a great talking point with our
prospects, as it is a sought after ‘stamp of approval’ which works in harmony with the kudos of the Pitman Training brand.

Pitman Training has a CPD Standard logo on all of its marketing material and has
introduced a section on the main website, which gives more information on CPD and
our accreditation.

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