Restructure your Training to Get More Bookings

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of delivering the training that you have always delivered. So here are five thinking points to help you make your training more relevant and attractive to your clients.

Re-structure your courses Instead of running a 3 day course over consecutive days, allow / encourage delegates to split up the course so that they do day 1 one week then a few weeks or a month later day 2 then day 3 after another period of time. Take a one day course and create two half day sessions, and so on.
Put in place collaborate tools so that delegates can get support from the trainer and other delegates between training sessions and your courses will be far more attractive to those thinking about attending.

Offer different length & format courses You traditionally offer a one day course. What about extending that to a 3 day course, shorten it to two half days, create an on-line, distance learning version, write an eBook.

Offer free taster sessions in the evening You’ve delivered a day of training on a subject, why not offer a one hour overview on the course once it has finished in the evening. It won’t cost much to extend your room hire by an hour or so, and if you can get a prospective bunch of delegates in the room and give them great value for an hour, you can turn that into bookings for the one day course.

Include email and phone breaks into your training Build specific breaks into your training to allow delegates to make/take calls and check email. Advertise the breaks and the times of the breaks in advance so delegates can plan calls and messages for these times. And always stick to the time. You’ll get more delegates and more relaxed delegates, knowing they have dealt with the important stuff at the office.

Build in networking into your training If one of your delegates comes away from your training with a business opportunity from vone of the other delegates, you get the credit. Take time to understand who is attending each training event and therefore who they may find it useful to meet. Then take the time to put them together.

Also, set up a LinkedIn group for delegates attending this course (along with past delegates) where they can learn from each other and network after the event. Connecting past delegates with current delegates is a very powerful way to re-engage previous clients and give new clients great value.

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