Unique CPD…The E-Learning Industry

We have partnered with Udemy and created the Unique Learning League!

In the golden age of teaching ourselves anything, learners are accessing new subjects to acquire skills from learning to communicate with animals to selfie masterclasses.

With the e-learning industry forecast to be worth $325BN by 2025, the rise in cost-effective online training is disrupting the world of education.

With barriers to entry being low, millions of people across the globe are beginning to share their knowledge with the world. Using Udemy, the world’s largest library of online courses, CPD Standards has created the Unique E-learning League to celebrate the 10 most unique courses on the web.

Some of the unique training courses provided on the Udemy website include…

  • Learn the Secrets of ZOMBIE Apocalypse Preparedness
  • SELFIE Masterclass: How to click PERFECT SELFIES
  • 7 Simple Steps to Add Excitement To Your Lifestyle.

Why not take a look at these courses and see what new unique skills you can learn? Visit the site here – Unique E-learning League

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